guys: fight each other all the time

girls: support each other and share hand cream

Lol no. Girls are bitches to each other more often than not. If it isn’t to your face it’s behind your back.

maybe they are mean to you only. everybody in my group is supportive and we share hand cream.
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I am in love with a rose, but I am nothing but a dandelion

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Michael Duane


Michael Duane

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Anonymous asked: You are awesome because you seem like you would be a lot of fun to spend time.

you rock, thank you! 

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Anonymous asked: If I met you, I would give you a high five because you are awesome.

Thank you! What makes you say that? 

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“Con 16 años soñaba con ser un pez, porque dicen que los peces no tienen memoria, y si no te acuerdas de nada, puedes levantarte cada día y vivirlo todo como si fuera la primera vez, la primera canción, el primer beso, la primera película…”




Me llego mucho esta frase :c

Ahora entiendo por qué Dori era así xd

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put your dick in me

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the reason girls like muscular guys: he’s ideal for protecting you and your children, and if he does a poor job and you decide to eat him, he has the most meaty body type.

this is the motivational quote that made my day.

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